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Welcome to "Nice Parking, Dude,"
the innovative new approach to coping with idiots in the parking lot. More than the usual novelty "fake parking tickets" available online, NPD is a sophisticated data warehouse which allows it's users the opportunity to place a citation on an offender's vehicle and then enter a message - of any kind - into our database for them to read! This is the first application of it's kind! How does it work? Simply purchase a pad of 10 Citations to get started, then:
1. Spot a bad parking job.
Not difficult at all. There's an epidemic.

2. Place a Citation on the windshield.
Keep the stub - you'll need the citation number!

3. Login to NPD and enter your message.
You were inconvenienced. The person to blame needs to know. Tell them in the best way you see fit. You may just make a difference.

4. Wait for your Citation to be read!
You'll receive an email to let you know your citation was a success! You may even receive a rebuttal -- but don't worry, you get the final say!

See our current citations here!

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Enter a Citation you left on someone's vehicle.

Activate New Citation Pad
See idiots in action!
Purchase Pads and start having fun!
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